Why Choose us

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines and development requirements in all 7 areas of learning.

Beechcroft Day Nursery provides day care for children between the ages of 3months and 5 years of age. Our nursery has been split into two separate rooms. Our Baby Room and Toddler Room. Each room caters to the needs of the children within. Both rooms have a nappy changing area and the toddler room also has access to ‘child’ size toilets to encourage self-care and independence.

We also have a garden which the children greatly enjoy. The garden gives children access to a sand pit and a mud kitchen which really gets the children’s imagination going. This is provided along with our climbing frame and other equipment. The garden is also the happy home to our rabbits and guinea pigs. The children often interact with these animals helping to feed and water them.

We are visited on a weekly basis by outside resources who come and do dance and football sessions with the children. These sessions allow for more opportunities for expressive arts and physical development. They encourage the children to have fun and offer more chances for them to socialise with their friends.

The children attending Beechcroft Day Nursery receive nutritious meals that are rotated and cooked onsite by a cook who provides a variety of food differentiating when necessary for our children with allergies or cultural preferences. The children eat together and are encouraged to socialise, use words and to eat independently.

Our staff are qualified in child care and work together as a considerate team to provide caring conditions which allow our children to strive. We also aim to ensure all staff members are first aid trained and receive additional training when needed, so they may develop their personal skills and broaden their knowledge in caring for and educating young children.Our staff are friendly and happy to take into account any possible additional needs.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines and development requirements in all 7 areas of learning.

  • Communication and Language

    We provide children opportunities to express themselves and to speak and listen to their peers and adults during carpet times. We encourage use of language throughout the day and often have discussions about certain topics and the children’s lives.

  • Physical Development

    We provide a fully equipped garden with space for children to be active. We encourage children’s co-ordination through self-serving at meal times. Drawing/writing and using different tools (scissors etc.). We have weekly dance and football sessions which encourage physical movement and turn taking.

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

    We provide children opportunities to socialise at mealtimes, playtime and group activities. We encourage children to make their own choices in regards to activities. We discuss and do activities about our feelings and the feelings of others. We talk about different emotions and what they mean. We encourage appropriate behaviour through positive reinforcement and role modelling.

  • Expressive Arts and Design

    We have messy play activities daily for the children to explore and play with at their chosen times. We provide a wide range of materials for the children’s use such as paint, glue, glitter, colours etc. We encourage the sharing of ideas and thoughts during carpet time on a daily basis and partake in weekly dance sessions. The children are encouraged to use their ideas during activates. We use open ended questions so as not to restrict their thoughts and ideas.

  • Literacy

    We have Storytime daily in the afternoons. We support children who are developing links between sounds and letters, pushing them forward with support and encouragement. We provide a reading corner with books, nursery rhymes, songs and poems which the children have unlimited access to. We provided resources to help aid children in recognising familiar words such as their names and more.

  • Mathematics

    We have incorporated a daily timeline into our routine. Children are able to interact with numbers both inside and in the garden. We do counting during carpet time sessions and encourage children to count as high as they are able. We provide activities with shapes, measurements and problem solving.

  • Understanding the World

    We offer opportunities for the children to explore different places when we go on our walks. We provide opportunities for children to observe the growth of animals and plants and encourage them to care for them appropriately. We partake in activities involving the globe and learn about the world and the different countries we are all from.